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it's just a little icon...

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To contact the mod

Leave a comment at my personal journal cru5h

or email me at volatile_cru5h @ yahoo.com (take the spaces away from the @ symbol)

Or comment specifically on the icon post *I* made with any questions.

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Icon-makers click here before posting

To "Members Only" icon communities:
Please don't post here unless you plan to unlock the posts you're advertising here. I don't believe anyone who is a member of 0nly_icons should have to do anything complicated to get an icon they like. I invite other makers here to share their work, and like that people are free to join the other communities if they like the icon maker's style. I don't believe someone should have to join just to have a look. There are plenty of other communities who are OK with it, but I find it annoying, so I don't want it here.

  • DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THESE ICONS - It's not your place to take someone else's "work" and put it out there all over the net (and stupid ass Xanga) because you want to. Ask the creator of the icons you want to share before doing so, unless the post(s) mention that they didn't create the icons themselves.

  • DO NOT DIRECT LINK - Do you know what direct linking is? It's when you get the URL for an image online and use that URL in your journal/signature/webpage/whatever, instead of right clicking and saving it to your own computer and then uploading it yourself. This makes it very difficult to display the icons here all the time because you're sucking up all the space it has to offer ok? It will eventually turn into some weird image you don't want because of this so don't. If you need somewhere to host your images that allows offsite linking visit, Photobucket

  • Give credit to the creator of any icons you bum off of here [unless they specify otherwise]. If they are made by cru5h, I am not so picky about being credited. It's nice, but I'm not going to visit everyone's journal to make sure they credit me. But the other icons makers should be credited since they are not affiliated with 0nly_icons and this might be the only place they get to show their stuff off. So please do credit them out of respect, thanks. Please note that our community is 0nly_icons - with a zero not an O [Click Here] for a lesson on how to credit.

  • Don't create an entry to advertise for any other communities here. If it's not icons/graphics/Friends Only banners which you created or just want to share, don't post it! If you're sharing here AND you have your own icon community, by all means, include your link with the icons you're sharing.

  • No questions about formats, programs, tutorials, nothing. Just icons.
  • That's about it

Icon Table Generator

If I (cru5h) have forgotten to mention your name here and you are sure I've used one of your brushes/borders or screencaps, please leave me a nice comment and I'll put your name right here.
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